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About US

We believe parents and family play a vital role in their children's growth and development.  We recognize the family as the child's first teacher.  A working partnership between family and school is central to the program's philosophy.

The purpose of Opportunity School is to provide an opportunity for 2, 3, 4, and 5 year old children so that they can expand their world with a variety of materials and experiences and to form relationships with children and adults outside the immediate family in a safe and loving environment. 

Our  program provides an early childhood educational experience to all children; especially children who would not otherwise have the opportunity for preschool experiences.  The school will attempt to serve at least one scholarship student to each paying student without regard to sex, race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin.

School Board


President - Lisa Smithmeyer     

Vice President - Dan Mestelle     

Secretary - Janell Armstrong     

Treasurer - Dave McClure


Cheryl Mounts         

Wendy Sanders-Maubach  

Ashley Buckingham

Kary Neurohr

Carly Cantlin

Morgan Strow



Sheila McCormick

Why do you love Ottawa Opportunity School?
"I learn more!"
- Anisten
4 years old
"I like painting. And the playing. And the stories too. I love everything!"
- Audrey
3 years old
"They just do it right!"
- Lesley
"Opportunity School... where everything (learning) is fun!"
"The staff at Opportunity School goes beyond educating our children; they nurture them. It is an incredibly caring environment for children AND their families."
"We love the teachers, with their endless energy and enthusiasm and constant kindness and good cheer.  It is important to me that the program is play-based, with lots of time for exploration and fun."
"I cannot say enough great things about Opportunity School!  They have a long, well established history of providing high quality education to all children,  The staff and Board are wonderful, highly engaged, and second to none!  I enjoy the opportunities for parent involvement in my children's education and appreciate the class options available,  Opportunity School is the perfect preschool for our family!"
"I appreciate the warm, welcoming environment.  
My daughter's life has been enriched by Opportunity School's care."
"We first experienced Ottawa Opportunity School when our oldest son was two.  Since the very beginning, the place has felt like a second home and the people like extended family.  The environment is welcoming and engaging; the staff friendly, caring and thoughtful; and the curriculum geared toward promoting the social and academic growth of each child.  Our three boys have learned so much more than just their ABC's at Opportunity School.  We will hold the place and the people and so many meaningful memories close to our hearts for many years to come.  We finish our last year with love and gratitude."
"Opportunity School is amazing  I love the hands on interaction the kids have and how much they learn.  I feel the teachers care about the children equally and give all they have into teaching!  Great school, Great Staff!"
"Opportunity School is an amazing school.  My boyfriend and I both went there when we were young and we're happy our son is now attending. It's a great place filled with attentive and caring teachers.  I couldn't ask for a better place for our son to begin his educational experience."
"Our son has only been attending Opportunity School for about a month, and we have already seen such a difference!  He is a very bright little boy, but he really needed some socialization with other kids his age.  Only one week in, he made a special little friend that he comes home and tells us about everyday!  He is his "best friend".  Apart from socialization, the things he has learned through the songs and the projects that he does everyday is such a big step for him!  We always look forward to hearing all about his day!  We are so thankful that he is at such a fun, caring school!"
- Wesley & Jillian
- Jessica
- Katrina
- Roger
- Carly
- Grant & Leah
Everything about this school is wonderful! Not only are they caring with my child, they help make memories for our family. The teachers are always warm and helpful. They communicate with me and make sure to tell us parents what they did for the day. The field trips have been our favorite! We had so much fun getting a Christmas tree with the class and taking a tour of the Reddick Mansion. My son will never forget when we met Father Christmas. He looks forward to going to school and it's because of the amazing teachers and staff. I couldn't ask for a better school or teachers. 
"I believe this is a fantastic program.  My daughter loves this school and enjoys learning.  I think she has phenomenal teachers.  All of your staff is truly kind.  I really appreciate Mrs. Johnson..."
- Jennifer
"We heard about Opportunity School from a friend.  We have our son in the Little Explorers program and he loves it!  Mrs. Trolinger, Mrs. Duggan and the staff are wonderful.  It is a well rounded program that helps prepare them for preschool. We couldn't be happier to be able to participate in this school!"
- Amy Jo
"We love the Explorer program!  There is always new, creative activities for the kids.  It's a nice mix of free play, art, music and opportunities to develop social skills.  And as a stay at home mom, it has been a nice way for me to meet other parents and enjoy adult conversations!" 
- Amanda
"Opportunity School has been great for our daughter over the past 2 years.  Going into pre-school we were worried that she would be bored, because she already knew all her shapes, colors, numbers and letters.  But she has learned so much more; not only educationally, but also socially.  The teachers continue to challenge her, and we are amazed by what she comes home and tells us she learns every day.  The staff at Opportunity School is so compassionate and make the kids want to go back every day.  We love Opportunity School!"
- Ben & Megan
- James, Janell, Jacob, Joshua, Joey
- Rachel
- Laurie
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