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The Power of Play 

Opportunity School is a play-based preschool. We teach in ways that match the way children learn and develop.  We provide a supportive environment and a theme based curriculum that fosters cognative and emotional development and  promotes:

*Logical Thinking


*Hands on Academic Learning Opportunities 

*Physical Development 

*Self Awareness 

As children learn through exploration and play, they are preparing for future academic successl while developing life skills such as appropriate social behaviors, persistence, and problem solving. 

Our Programs


Below is a listing of programs we offer starting Sept. thru May

Explorer Program: Age 2 by Sept. 1​

(An adult representative attends with child.) 


Tues/Thurs:  Age 3 by Sept. 1

Mon/Wed/Fri: Age 4 by Sept. 1


Mon thru Friday:  Age 3 or 4 by Sept. 1 



CURRENT Family Registration will begin on February 12, 2024

NEW Applications will be accepted on
February 20, 2024

Applications can be printed from the link on the bottom of this page. 
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